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    Laurent Ruquier and his band appear on France 4!

Laurent Ruquier and his band appear on France 4 with On va s'gêner. In 90 minutes, in the studio in front of an audience, with the spirit and ingredients that made the radio show a success on Europe 1, Laurent Ruquier lets himself go. With his team, he draws the main lines of an imaginary magazine retracing the high points of the month, touching upon all themes
(news, celebrity gossip, sport, society, politics, etc.). With Fabrice Eboué, Titoff, Gaspard Proust, Steevy Boulay, Pierre Benichou, Jeremy Michalak, Christine Bravo, Gérard Miller, Philippe Geluck, Michèle Bernier, Jérôme Bonaldi, etc.



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