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    Who are these 'rural' people? And what about 'neo-rural' people?

The village, its rurality, its value system based on the family, ownership, attachment to land, a certain degree of conservatism& The traditional images of Epinal die hard. But in actual fact who are these 'rural' people? And what about 'neo-rural' people? What changes are taking place in the rural world today? The 'In the Country' collection paints a portrait of this side of France, far from the clichés or condescending remarks about 'those who live in the country'.

Series summary

Le village, sa ruralité, son système de valeur fondé sur la famille, la propriété, l'attachement à la terre, un certain conservatisme... Les images d'Epinal ont la vie dure. Mais qui sont vraiment les ruraux ? Qui sont les néo-ruraux ? Quelles mutations agitent le monde rural aujourd'hui ? La collection « En campagne » dessine la fresque de cette France, loin des clichés ou des regards condescendants sur ceux qui vivent à la campagne.


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